Çağla Aydın

E-Mail : caglaaydinsabanciuniv.edu
Phone : 0216-483-9130
Personal Web :
Title : Faculty Member
Education : PhD, Cornell University, 2011
Areas of Interest : Language, Autobiographical and Public Memories, Social Cognition, Suggestibility and Memory processes
Memberships : Association for Psychological Science Cognitive Science Society
Publications :
Açık, Alper and Erol-Barkana, Duygun and Akgün, Gökhan and Yantaç, Asım Evren and Aydın, Çağla (2016) "Evaluation of a surgical interface for robotic cryoablation task using an eye-tracking system", International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Vol.95, 39-53 (SSCI)
Aydın, Çağla and Ceci, Stephen J. (2013) "The role of culture and language in avoiding misinformation: pilot findings", Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Vol.31, No.5, 559-573 (SSCI)
Book Section / Chapter
Wang, Qi and Conway, Martin A. and Kulkofsky, Sarah and Mueller_Johnson, Katrin and Aydın, Çağla and Williams, Helen, "The "egocentric" Americans? long-term memory for public events in five countries", Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Sun, Miao-Kun (ed.), New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc, August 2013
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Kulkofsky, S., Wang Q., Conway, M., Aydin, C., Mueller-Johnson, K.,& Williams, H. (2011). Cultural variation in the correlates of flashbulb memories: An inverstigation in five countries. Memory, 19, 233-240.

Wang, Q., Aydin, C., & Klemfus, J.Z. (2011). Autobiographical Memories. In Oxford Bibliographies Online: MEMORY. Ed. EIC Nema. New York: Oxford University Press.