Application Requirements

The Psychology minor program will no longer be accepting students who have registered to the University in 2019 or later.  Currently-registered students can still apply to the program. Students who have already started their Psychology minor may either continue to receive their degree without making any changes, or they may switch to the Decision and Behavior program if they wish to do so.

Minor Honors Programs are designed to provide knowledge and information in areas other than those of the student's registered diploma program. Successful undergraduate students who satisfy the specific terms and conditions, are candidates for the Minor Honors Programs.

Students can apply for the Minor Honors Programs, as early as the beginning of the term following the term in which they declare their major and at latest in the beginning of the sixth term they’re registered by submitting a written request and transcript to the Faculty Dean's Office between the dates announced for the application.

In order for application to be evaluated:

  * During the application, to have a minimum GPA* of 2.72 by the end of the last semester attended.
  * The application should be accepted by the decision of the relevant Faculty Board.
  * During the application, to be successful in all course taken, included in GPA*
  * Students can apply in the beginning of 6th semester at latest.

The registration to the Minor Honors Program is terminated in case that the student does not take any courses of the Minor Program for two successive semesters.

A certificate is awarded to students who successfully have completed all the courses in their registered minor honors program, who have a CGPA of at least 2.72 besides the Bachelor's Diploma for satisfying the undergraduate degree requirements.